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VIDEO: Out Of Control Cement Truck Hits Car Head On

Watch this crazy dash cam video that captures the moment that a cement truck's brakes go out as it rounds a corner, then slams into an oncoming vehicle head on.

VIDEO: Motorist’s Nightmarish Close Call With Out Of Control Car

Take a look as this close call as a vehicle driving alongside a car hauler comes inches from being crushed by an out of...

VIDEO: Out Of Control Truck Breaks Another Big Rig’s Windshield With Mud

This crazy video shows a truck on I-20 in Texas losing control and plowing through the median, sending a dangerous spray of mud with...

VIDEO: Out Of Control Gravel Truck Crushes Car Seconds After Driver Exits

This incredibly lucky motorist gets out the way of a rampaging gravel truck just in the nick of time!

VIDEO: Trucker Video Shows Cable Barriers Stopping Out Of Control RV

Trucker Jonathan Mendel captured this dramatic video on the westbound I-10 in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, showing an RV that loses control and runs off the...

VIDEO: Truck Driver On Rampage

This video shows an out of control truck driver who narrowly misses a pedestrian and plows into a parked car! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAwQQ7uhQbU Source: Videos LiveLeak

VIDEO: Extreme Close Call With Out Of Control Truck

Take a look at this video capturing a pickup truck driver's scary close encounter with a rampaging truck! Hoping the truck driver is okay! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDEhWkTN4A8 Source: AntySystemTV...

VIDEO: Out of Control U-Haul Trailer

The driver of this U-Haul needed to shut it down for a bit and take a deep breath. Any other suggestions?

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