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Man Hospitalized After Trying To Walk Under Truck

A man has been hospitalized after he tried to walk under a truck in Yonkers, New York, last Saturday.

VIDEO: Turning Truck Puts EBC Race Brakes To The Test

Watch as a truck turns across two lanes that have a green light, forcing this Toyota Tacoma driver to put his EBC race brakes...

VIDEO: Truck Runs Red Light In Front Of Cop

You should never run a red light, but this truck driver who gets caught on police dash cam is about to learn that you should really never run a red light in front of a cop!

VIDEO: New York Post Delivery Truck Loves To Run Red Lights

Delivering the news may be important, but this video shows a New York Post delivery truck driver who takes his love of fresh news way too far by running red lights!

VIDEO: Dump Truck’s Runs Red Light, Almost Hits Building

This video, posted by the Sarasota Police Department, captures the frightening moment when a dump truck runs a red light, narrowly avoids hitting a car, and has a near-miss with a building!

VIDEO: Police Officer Walks Away From Violent Crash With Truck

A cop in Grand Prarie, Texas, miraculously walked away with only minor injuries after a truck ran a red light, plowing into his SUV. This accident, which occurred on Friday, July 19.

VIDEO: Truck Driver’s Massive Intersection Struggles

Take a look at this truck driver who tries to turn right, gets stuck, then decides to go left across four lanes of traffic...

VIDEO: Truck Plows Through Intersection At Red Light

This truck driver causes chaos in the intersection as he runs a red light and slams into some unsuspecting 4-wheelers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=25&v=FD4YZ8H9dS8 Source: korn6648

Woman Runs Red Light & Hits Trailer, Driver Identified

Police have identified the truck driver involved in a red light running accident around 6 a.m. on Monday morning in Lake Wales, Florida.

Truck Runs Red Light And Causes Crash

According to the video description, this truck ran a red light, but the driver of the Mazda doesn't even seem to slow down or...

Video: Red-Light Runners

Watch the 'Worst Red-Light Runners of 2014.'

VIDEO: Truck Runs Red Light

Watch as this hurried truck driver blasts through a red light.

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