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VIDEO: Motorist Turns Left From Wrong Lane

...and smashes his SUV into the dash cammer's semi. https://youtu.be/CU0mOi3_tDw Video Credit: Dirk Dorresteyn

New York State Trooper Killed Trying To Help Lost Trucker

A New York State Trooper was killed in the line of duty yesterday morning when he was hit by a passenger vehicle while trying...

VIDEO: Inattentive SUV Driver Spins Out In Front Of Semi

An SUV driver notices a major traffic slowdown WAY too late and his evasive maneuver sends him spinning. Skip to the 1:00 minute mark...

Father And Daughter Dead After SUV’s Reckless Passing Move Causes Semi Crash

Two people are dead and three others seriously injured after an SUV's passing maneuver on a two lane highway ended with a semi jackknifing...

VIDEO: SUV Driver Says Nope To Turtle Race

The SUV driver simply does not have time for one truck to pass another. Video Credit: Viral Video

Eagle Eyed Trucker Helps Rescue Woman Trapped For 9 Hours In Flooded SUV

A Louisiana woman owes her life to a truck driver who spotted her overturned SUV in a canal on Tuesday. The crash happened around 10:30...

VIDEO: SUV Driver Finds Out What Happens When You Cut Off A Truck

Watch as the SUV driver swerves in front of a truck to avoid slowed traffic -- and pays the price. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ade3Uz-PHjU Video Credit: Best Dash Cam Accidents

VIDEO: Trucker Has Close Call With Unconscious SUV Driver

An SUV with an unconscious driver behind the wheel comes close to hitting a truck head on in this dash cam video captured in Golden,...

VIDEO: SUV’s Dumb Move Almost Ends In Disaster

The SUV driver in this video nearly sideswipes a pickup and cuts off the nearly fully loaded dash cammer, who was being closely followed...

VIDEO: SUV Hits Truck To Avoid Lane-Changing Van

Watch as a van makes an unexpected lane change, sending the SUV next to it crashing into the dash cammer's truck! https://youtu.be/108M-tVbnOw Video Credit: david liu

VIDEO: Truck Leaving Gas Station Crashes Into SUV

Watch as a truck leaving a gas station winds up colliding with an SUV. Skip ahead to the 1:10 mark if you're in a...

VIDEO: Out Of Control SUV Vs. 18 Wheeler

This trucker's dash cam captures an SUV losing control on a snowy road and then crashing into another truck! Video Credit: Darrel Polsley

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