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Shots Fired At Moving Truck In Portland

Oregon police are searching for a driver who opened fire on an 18 wheeler yesterday, flattening the driver's side rear tire. The shooting happened yesterday...

VIDEO: Dash Cammer Caught Between Two Crashes

As this dash cammer catches an SUV losing control in front of him, he is rear ended by the vehicle behind him. In the...

VIDEO: Ice Sheet Obliterates Windshield

This dash cam video shows the moment that an ice sheet flies off of an SUV and destroys the windshield of the car behind...

VIDEO: Out Of Control SUV Slams Into Two Trucks

This truck driver's dash cam captures the moment that an out of control SUV slams into one truck travelling at highway speeds, then ricochets...

One Killed In Wrong Way SUV Vs. Truck Crash

A woman was killed early yesterday morning after an SUV driving the wrong way crashed head-on into a truck. Authorities say the incident happened on...

VIDEO: Suburban Driver Pays The Price For Trying To Force In Front Of Truck

Watch as this insistent Suburban driver tries to force her way in front of a truck only to get banged up as the truck...

VIDEO: SUV Takes Turn To Nowhere In Path Of Truck

Whether this SUV driver was suicidal, attempting to start a lawsuit, or simply trying (and failing) to make a U-turn, this crash is an...

Trucker Rescues Two Women From Partially Submerged SUV

A trucker is being called a hero after he rescued two semi-conscious women after a single vehicle crash on eastbound I-10 in Scott, Louisiana on...

VIDEO: Drunk SUV Driver Collides With Car…Twice

The drunk driver in this video rams a vehicle twice -- the first time accidentally and the second time on purpose. Source: Your Daily Video

VIDEO: Box Truck Rear-Ended On Highway

Watch as an SUV driver swerves and rear-ends a box truck on the highway, causing it to crash. Source: RoadCams

Intoxication Assault Charge For Driver Who Hit 18 Wheeler And Fell Off Overpass

A man who crashed his SUV into a truck and then flew off an overpass in La Porte, Texas, on Wednesday has been charged with intoxication assault.

VIDEO: Driver Who Cuts Off Vehicle Sucked Up By Tornado

This dash cam video shows a white SUV cutting off another driver -- only to be sucked into up into an oncoming tornado!

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