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VIDEO: Brake Check Backfire

Instant karma for this SUV driver who brake checked a truck.

VIDEO: Trucker’s Terrifying Head On Crash

Watch as this trucker encounters an out of control SUV hauling a trailer head on. According to the video description, the truck driver was "four seconds from death", but miraculously, everyone made it out of this crash alive.

VIDEO: Girl Flips SUV At Night

Even so with me standing out there warning people with lights in both hands there were a few that missed the upside-down SUV by 1 or 2 feet and didn't slow down.

VIDEO: SUV Vs. Truck Road Rage

A trucker's dash cam captures an SUV cutting off another trucker and the road rage that ensues.

VIDEO: SUV Slams Into Truck, Flips Multiple Times

An SUV slams into the back of a truck. The SUV flips spectacularly, rolling multiple times. Amazingly, the SUV's driver walks away from the crash.

VIDEO: SUV Dragged For Miles After Tailgating Truck

This tailgating SUV becomes wedged under a truck and dragged for miles! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ybbYgMtQyQ Source: tom

SUV Driver Pinned Vertically Between Two Trucks Survives

An SUV driver on I-64 in Tennessee last Friday was hit by an 18-wheeler and wound up pinned vertically between two trucks -- and...

VIDEO: SUV Loses Control, Collides With Truck In Tunnel

Every truck driver's worst nightmare comes true in this video. An SUV loses control and begins to swerve, smashing into a truck that has...

Video: SUV Tries to Share a Lane with a Truck and Fails

A distracted (?) SUV driver gets into a truck's lane, and the truck takes the SUV for a ride.

VIDEO: Dump Truck Flattens Toyota SUV

A massive dump truck flattens a Toyota SUV. Bad day at work?

VIDEO: SUV Runs Truck Off The Road

This SUV driver is a bully.

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