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This week, the Iowa 80 Group opened a large warehouse and distribution center for trucking parts and accessories.
The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently discovered a slew of violations after pulling over a truck-trailer combination in Redding.

VIDEO: Think Fast!

This dash cammer in this video is left with little time to react when the truck he is following suddenly launches a tire at...

VIDEO: Loose Truck Tires Smash Into Oncoming Car

Runaway truck tires smash into an oncoming car before bouncing happily on the side of the road and escaping into the woods!

VIDEO: Truck Tire Misses Lady By Millimeters

Take a look at this woman's close call with a wayward truck tire!

VIDEO: Experiencing A Blowout, Truck Driver POV

A truck driver's dash cam records what it's like, from a truck driver's perspective, when a tire blows. The truck driver loses control and hits a car.

VIDEO: Truck Tire Rotates Worker

A truck tire explodes and sends the worker flying in the air!

VIDEO: Why To Never Shoot At An Inflated Truck Tire

These guys are using a fully inflated truck tire as target practice. Watch what happens when they hit their target.

VIDEO: Truck Tire Puncture Epically Backfires

A man punctures a truck tire and painfully learns what the full force of a truck tire explosion feels like.

Video: Runaway Truck Tire Slams Into Car

A tire flies off a truck and slams into an oncoming car.

Video: Truck Tire Hits

A man parked on the side of the highway is hit by an errant truck tire.

VIDEO: Truck Tire Blowout Instructional Video

Joe B. shared this truck tire blowout instructional video with us. The video walks you though what to do if you have a blowout.

Video: Truck Tire Flies Off and Hits On-Coming Vehicle

Wisconsin DOT campers captured this video. A truck tire flies off and flies into on-coming traffic.

Video: Exploding Tire Madness

Exploding tires can be very dangerous. Watch this compilation of exploding tires.

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