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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provided guidance for truckers with an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) affected by the Microsoft outage.
California police arrested a truck driver following a truck fire and explosion in Tracy on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Truck tips during slow turn

A trucker appears to be negotiating an intersection at a reasonable speed, but overturns anyway.

Watch as an eco-protester chains himself to a truck

Several protesters were arrested yesterday at the Mountain Valley Pipeline staging site in Beaver, West Virginia.

VIDEO: Car driver finds out what happens when you cut off an 18 wheeler

A car driver gets a painful lesson in the consequences of cutting off trucks.

Trucker following his GPS winds up sliding down mountainside

Authorities in Greeneville, Tennessee, say that a truck driver ignored "no truck" signs and followed his GPS onto a mountain roadway that proved to be too treacherous for him to maneuver.

One dead after truck plummets off I-75 overpass, catches fire

Florida transportation officials have shut down a stretch of I-75 in east Tampa after a  fatal fiery multi-vehicle crash involving a truck that crashed off of an overpass.

Rain-battered bridge collapses under tractor trailer

A truck driver is lucky to be unhurt after a bridge collapsed under his vehicle in South Carolina this morning.

VIDEO: These guys can load the heck out of a truck

There's teamwork, precision, and a hell of a work ethic on display in this video of two workers loading up a truck.

Maine says no to PETA request for 5 foot monument to lobsters killed in truck crash

The state of Maine denied a request from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to erect a road monument to honor the "sensitive" lobsters who perished in a truck crash earlier this month.

VIDEO: Truck hits parked trailer head on

Caught on a truck driver's dash cam -- a normal drive through the lot takes a terrifying turn when a truck collides with a parked trailer.

VIDEO: Truck takes on historic bridge. It does not go well.

Take a look at footage of a truck attempting to cross a single lane wooden bridge built in the 1930s.

VIDEO: Truck loses a little something during a turn

A truck driver leaves a little something behind as he makes a left turn.

VIDEO: Car vs. semi truck PIT maneuver sends dash cammer into tailspin

Things take a sudden and terrifying turn on a California highway.

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