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VIDEO: Driver Gets A Scare From Wrong-Way Semi

Get the dash cammer a fresh pair of boxers. Video Credit: Streamable

Trucker Charged For Driving Miles In Wrong Direction On Maine Turnpike

A Virginia trucker is facing charges after he drove several miles in the wrong direction without headlights before running into a Highway Patrol Cruiser...

Wrong Way Driving Deputy Hides In Ditch After Crashing Into Semi

A Sherriff's Deputy is facing DUI charges after driving the wrong way on the interstate, crashing into a semi, and then fleeing the scene and...

VIDEO: Truck Almost Hit Head On By Soaring Car

Watch as a car comes flying into the oncoming lanes, crashing into another car and coming dangerously close to being hit by a truck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG5-MN_iOvk Video...

VIDEO: Truck Driver Saves Elderly Wrong Way Driver

When the truck driver in this video encounters an elderly woman driving the wrong way onto the highway, he uses his rig to protect...

VIDEO: Wrong Way Dump Truck

This motorist's dash cam captures a dump truck headed the wrong way on a busy road. https://youtu.be/108M-tVbnOw Video Credit: Greg Krynen

VIDEO: Truck Driver’s Dash Cam Captures Wrong Way Crash

In this dash cam video, a car crosses the median into oncoming traffic, causing a crash and forcing the truck driver to swerve into...

One Killed In Wrong Way SUV Vs. Truck Crash

A woman was killed early yesterday morning after an SUV driving the wrong way crashed head-on into a truck. Authorities say the incident happened on...

VIDEO: Truck Goes Wrong Way Down the Highway

A truck is going the wrong way down the highway. He doesn't seem to know or isn't worried, as he just keeps trucking along.

VIDEO: Dash Cam Captures Truck Driving Wrong Way Onto Off Ramp

Check out the scary moment when a motorist in Delta encountered a truck headed right for him on an off ramp!

Fatal Wrong-Way Crash Causes Second Deadly Truck Pile Up On I-10

Two related crashes on I-10 in Arizona over the weekend have claimed two lives and injured at least eight others.

VIDEO: Truck Driving Wrong Way On I-75

According to the video description, this took place on I-75 South in Tennessee. The police were soon dispatched to halt this wrong way driver. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-rVtzO8je0 Source: michael...

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