Video: Top Gear Attempts to Destroy a Toyota Pickup

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Top Gear Drops a Trailer on a Truck

Top Gear Drops a Trailer on a TruckMany years ago, Toyota made the peculiar claim that their Hilux line of pickups (known as the SR5 Tacoma line in the US) are virtually indestructible. This perked up the ears of the boys over at BBC’s “Top Gear” because the only thing they love more than destroying cars is receiving a challenge.

Host Jeremy Clarkson went out and found a rusty, clunky 1988 Diesel 6 model with lots of miles and lots of wear, but a strong engine that ran smooth. Fair enough. Once the license was secured, Jeremy and the boys began ramming the truck into trees and walls, driving it down stairwells, dropping trailers on it, drowning it in the ocean and even placing it on a 200 foot building getting blast demolished. It’s quite a spectacle. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the entire thing, covered in three YouTube videos.

How does your truck match up?

[youtube url="" title="Top%20Gear%20Destroys%20a%20Truck"] [youtube url="" title="Top%20Gear%20Diesel%20Truck%20Destruction"] [youtube url="" title="Toyota%20Diesel%20Truck%20Destroyed"]

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