Infographic: Truck Driver Tax Deductions

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Trucker Tax Write Offs Infographic

Truck drivers have a tough job that demands they save as much money as possible to get by. One way to do that is to check tax rules to see if your particular employment situation allows you to deduct small things that can add up big. You might be surprised at what’s on that list.

What are some everyday items that truck drivers may be able to write off during tax season?

Things such as:

  • Office Supplies/Record Keeping Supplies
  • Storage Bins
  • Bedding
  • Truck Care Supplies
  • Load Straps and Tools
  • Sirius XM Radios
  • and much more.

Keep in mind that this list isn’t being presented as a “one-size-fits-all” tax deduction guide. It’s simply being presented as a list to get you thinking about what you use that can be classified as a tax write off. Always consult a tax professional about your plans before attempting to write off goods and services.

If you can’t see the truck driver tax write offs infographic in this page, you can view the original here. Note: It’s a very big picture, so be patient!

Infographic Trucker Tax Write Offs

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