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Trucker Apps for Video: Free and Paid


Trucker Apps Can Keep You Connected to Video (and Keep You Entertained)

Bored trucker? Apps can keep you entertained and resting easy. You’ve pulled into the rest stop at the end of the day, hoping for a little cheap R&R and a good free Wifi signal. In 2011, it’s not too much to expect a good Wifi network at Petro, Flying J, or Valero, is it? So which video apps are worth their weight for your hard-earned dollar?

Trucker Apps: Video (Free)

Crackle Logo CDL Life
Crackle “
They claim it’s the only free movie app for the Android OS, but that might be a bit far-reaching. Crackle relies on a strong wifi connection, but will play over 10,000 titles to your phone or tablet computer. Get it!




TVCom Logo CDL Life
TV.Com – This is a free app courtesy of the CBS network. They include plenty of programming from their sister networks like Showtime, CNET, CBS Sports, and more. Stay caught up on Dave Letterman, Dexter, Two & a Half Men, and other shows all for free. Get it!



You Tube Logo CDL Life
YouTube.com “ The original internet video network finally made the jump to the mobile OS once Android adopted Adobe Flash. But the YouTube network is more than just short films of cats jumping into boxes and bike riders getting into wrecks “ the app will guide users to full movies and TV show episodes. Get it!



Trucker Apps: Video (Paid)

Netflix Logo CDL Logo
Netflix “
The undisputed king of streaming video entertainment, Netflix boasts more than 23 million subscribers. The Android app allows subscribers to access their streaming queue and watch titles on any mobile device tethered to a good Wifi signal. If you aren’t a Netflix member, the app features a free trial period. Regular streaming-only subscriptions can be had for only $8 a month. Get it! 


Hulu Logo CDL Life
Hulu+ – This robust video app is second only to Netflix in how many TV and movie titles they offer. You can watch select titles on a laptop for free, or buy into Hulu+ for $8 a month and get the entire channel catalog streaming on mobile devices and tablets from nearly every network on earth. Track your favorite shows and stream with minimal advertisements (ads average only 20 seconds each). Get it!


Watch ESPN “ Get 24 hours of online play-by-play and sports coverage streamed right to your mobile device or tablet. Depending on who your telecom provider is, you may actually be able to get content from ESPN for free. Visit this link to see what kind of partnerships are available.



Google Video Logo CDL Life
Google Video “ This is the app you use to view all of your Android movie rentals. It will work over both data networks and Wifi. Hey! No video watching while on the road! It does require a Google account, but that’s easy and free to start. Get it!



Related Service Apps

Redbox “ Sometimes when you’re on the road, it’s just easier to get a cheap DVD out of a kiosk placed at most McDonalds or Wal-Mart locations. This app lets you search for and reserve Redbox movies from any kiosk in North America. Redbox movies rent for only a buck a day. It’s a great value, the rental system is easy and there are hundreds of kiosks across the country. Get it!


Blockbuster Logo CDL Life
Blockbuster Express “ Blockbuster Video emerged from near-extinction this last year with a revised model based on kiosk rental much like Redbox. They distinguish themselves by offering both DVDs and console games that may appeal to truckers who travel with Playstations and X-boxes in their cabins. This free mobile app lets members reserve and locate them at any kiosk in the USA. Get it!


IMDB Mobile App CDL Life
IMDB “ Need extended information on movies? Internet Movie Database is where to go for everything from reviews, to recommended movie lists, to actor information to upcoming movie news instantly. Get the app and get in the know!




Flixster Logo CDL Life
Flixster “ Get quick reviews from top film critics, high quality trailers, and read ratings from Rotten Tomatoes so you never have to endure a terrible movie again. This app also shows you where movies are showing in theaters near your rest stop, in case you feel like viewing the newest flick on the big silver. Get it!



What other free and paid video and movie trucker-friendly apps do you love to use? CDL Life wants to know! Drop a comment and we’ll get the word out to the community


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