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App Measures Your Level of Uglyness


Do you wonder how good looking you are?  Well, there’s an app for that.

The iPhone app, Ugly Meter Pro, is now available at the iTunes store.  According to the Daily Mail, app developer Dapper Gentlemen made $80,000 in a single day after the $4.99 Pro version of Ugly Meter was showcased on the shock jock’s morning radio show on Sirius XM.

According to CNET, “The application allows users to snap an image of their face, and then scans it for symmetry, contours, and other elements to determine how good- (or bad-) looking a person is. Ratings are handed out on a scale of 1-10, and include some not-so-nice quips about a person’s looks.”

The Ugly Meter takes your photo and scans the details of your face to give you a rating of 1-10 on the Ugly Scale.

If you rate a 10, you probably have a face that only a mother could love. Depending on how bad your rating is, the Ugly Meter will comment on your looks!

To use the app, simply download it from iTunes. Select male or female, then align your face on the screen and snap a photo.  Within seconds, your rating will appear with a description of your facial percentages.


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