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ATA and Advocacy Groups Favor EOBRs


The debate over electronic on-board recorders is heating up.  Last week, the ATA sent a letter to the members of the House and Senate who are currently negotiating the highway bill.

According to Land Line Magazine, In the letter, ATA President and CEO Bill Graves stated, “ATA believes that this technology can be beneficial to our industry by encouraging compliance with the hours-of-service rules, Graves said. That increased compliance translates into safer highways not just for the thousands of professional truck drivers on the road each day, but for every American who travels our highways.

In addition to the ATA, advocacy groups Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, the Alliance for Driver Safety and Security, the Arkansas Trucking Association and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and the Truck Safety Coalition also signed the letter.

Last week, OOIDA encouraged its members to call their House representatives and Senators to ask them to not support an EOBR mandate in the new surface transportation bill.

To find out more about the ATA’s letter to the House and Senate, click here.

To find out more about OOIDA’s attempts to stop EOBR legislation, click here.




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