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UPDATE: California Truckers May Soon Get a Break on Driving Records


UPDATE: AB1888, a bill that would allow drivers to attend driving school to have points removed from their license, is one step closer to becoming a law.  

The California Senate has voted unanimously to reverse the law that prohibits persons with a CDL to attend driving school.  Commercial drivers who commit minor traffic offenses- in their personal vehicles- will have the opportunity to attend driving school and have the points removed from their license.  

The bill is expected to pass through the Assembly and move onto Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. 

California truckers get a win after the California Assembly panel voted in favor of Bill AB1888.  The bill would reverse current legislation that prohibits California truckers from attending traffic safety school to remove traffic violations they received in their personal vehicles,  from their driving record.

The Assembly Transportation Committee voted unanimously in favor of advancing the bill.  The bill would allow commercial drivers to attend traffic schools to help keep their license in good standing, if they received the traffic citation while driving their own non-commercial vehicle.

California Assemblyman Mike Gatto sponsored the bill.  He said, “It would keep [drivers] employed because they will be able to get rid of a point that they received while driving their personal vehicles.”

Fellow Assemblyman and Committee Chairwoman Bonnie Lowenthal agrees saying, “I can see the rational for treating violations in non-commercial vehicles in the same manner whether the diver has a commercial license or a standard Class C license.”

California truckers can’t celebrate just yet, the bill still has to pass through the state’s legislative branches.


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