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For Sale: Entire Wyoming Town. Pop. “1”


When the sole resident of a town decides to step aside, the only thing left to do is put the place up for sale. Don Sammons, famous for being the lone inhabitant of Buford, Wyo., says it’s time to sell off Buford and let someone else live his atypical lifestyle.

Sammons moved to the edge of Interstate 80, between Laramie and Cheyenne, with his family in 1980. He took over a convenience store, the Buford Trading Post, in 1992 and operated it until the end of 2011, but his family slowly moved away over the years. Now Sammons is left owning the 10-acre (4 hectare) unincorporated town with its own zip code, a town at least tied for the smallest anywhere with just one resident.

Feel like buying an entire town? We know trucker salaries aren’t exactly at peak value right now, but you might just be able to afford it. Find out how much Buford, Wyoming costs at Time Magazine.


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