Man With Three Jobs Wins $1 Million Lottery A West Fork, Arkansas man who works multiple jobs and has 5 children has won $1 million in the Arkansas Lottery.

Frank Karnes is a factory worker, mows lawns and does odd jobs to support his family who lives in the small town of West Fork, population 2,400.

Karnes purchased the winning Arkansas Millionaires Club lottery ticket at a local gas station. According to the Arkansas Lottery, the Arkansas Millionaires scratchers ticket costs $20 and is a part of the Lottery’s buy-in drawing– the more expensive the ticket, the higher the potential payout.

“He works three jobs to take care of his five kids, Kevin McCarthy of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery said. McCarthy said two of Karnes’ children are about to enter college, and Karnes plans to use his winnings to pay college expenses along with some bills,” Arkansas Online reported.


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