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Patriotic Semi Truck Photos


Pictures of Patriotic Trucks Memorial Day 2012Truck drivers are some of the most patriotic, lovers of country and freedom that you will ever meet. We decided to put those deeply-felt sentiments into pictures this weekend. These trucks have been spotted all over North America, doing what they do best – keeping America rolling!

We don’t know most of the owners or locations of the pictures, but we hope all you truck drivers will enjoy seeing them anyway.

Photos of Patriotic Truck Drivers

What kind of patriotic trucks do we have pictures of? All kinds – it doesn’t matter to us at CDL Life whether you drive a Class 8 semi truck, a wrecker, a fire truck, a 2 axle flatbed, or a potty preener – we love them all. And we think you will too. If you have a picture of your semi truck rig that you love, we encourage you to post it on our Facebook page. Each month CDL Life conducts a photo review of reader rigs and publishes them on the site.

We’re posting these pictures today to prompt you to think about what the service of our veterans means to you and your family. Our veterans get a couple of days a year for recognition, but they make sacrifices all year long. So from us at CDL Life to you truckers, keep them in your thoughts today.

Enjoy the show! If you can’t see the photo slide show of patriotic trucks below, just visit this link to see them on our Flickr page. ‘Till next time truck drivers!


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