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Thrilling Jumps of Dock Dogs


We love it when truck drivers share pictures and stories about their travel pets. So surfing through YouTube on any given day (like you do), we come across a lot of videos of stupid pet tricks, cats jumping into boxes, birds singing song lyrics, cats jumping OUT of boxes, you name it.

Being animal fans, we especially like sporting pets. Some of the most exciting sporting pets are dogs that are unofficially known as “Dock Dogs.” These dogs attempt running long jumps off of a dock, in an attempt to catch a toy tossed by their owner. They leap and then splash down into a pool that has a measure on the side.

How far can they jump?  2007 World Record Holder in the Splashdog League – Henry, seen in the video below, held the record for a jump of 26′ 11″ for two years until…

A mixed breed named Pepper absolutely crushed the previous Splashdog record in 2009 with a jump of 27′ 8″ during a semi-final competition in Colorado. She was able to keep that record for two years. Here’s the big jump.

Then, in May 2011, a dog named Baxter obliterated the competition in nearly every league by making a monster jump of 29′ 7″ at a championship competition in Little Rock, Arkansas. It hasn’t been beaten yet. Here’s that unbeatable flying jump by Baxter.

We don’t know what they feed these tiny titans, but one thing’s for certain – if the competition gets any more fierce, they’re going to have to extend the pool a bit more.

Fred Hassen
John Harrison


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