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Typical Trucker’s Luck – Highway Robbery


Truck drivers have a hard enough job as it is. When someone pulls a scam on them, it’s enough to make you want to go all Chuck Norris on a man. When thieves pose as law enforcement, what’s an honest trucker to do?

This week, Winona County chief deputy Ron Ganrude told reporters that a long haul trucker was stopped on the I-90 off-ramp in Minnesota. The vehicle behind the tractor trailer appeared to be an older model Crown Victoria with a flashing blue light. Soon a man in dark clothing and boots approached and ordered the trucker to step out of his tractor cab.

The trucker told police the fake officer spoke in an authoritative way, and accused him of going a little fast back there. He told the driver to look away, at which point he reached into the victim’s back pocket, took out his wallet, walked back to the Crown Victoria and drove off, never returning.

The Winona County sheriff’s office reminds all truckers that when an actual law enforcement officer pulls you over for infractions, they always tell a driver to stay in their vehicle. You should become suspicious otherwise. The Sheriff also adds that they would ask only for a license and insurance card. They would never request you hand over your wallet.

Stay safe out there truckers!


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