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VIDEO: Human Flying Squirrel Impacts Mountain At 90 MPH


Jeb Corliss lives on the edge. He also rams into it once in a while. This week in South Africa, Corliss was making a jump in a drop suit, which has fabric flaps in between the legs and arms allowing the sky diver to fly in specific directions. During the drop from Table Mountain, Corliss was suddenly blown off course and impacted a ridge of rocks, breaking both his legs instantly.

Fortunately he was with a team who had safety precautions planned out that involved a helicopter rescue to a nearby hospital. Hospital officials stated that Jeb is in “good spirits” as he is undergoing surgery.

Michelle Norris, spokeswoman for the private Christiaan Barnaard Hospital in Cape Town, said: “I saw him in the emergency room and asked whether I could release details of his condition.

“He smiled at me and said, ‘Tell them I feel the best I ever have.’

Corliss made a name for himself in the extreme sporting community by leaping from the 1,063ft Eiffel Tower in Paris and the 2,400ft-high Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

Have a look at a video of the terrifying impact. You’ll have to look closely though – this view is from the camera on top of the mountain. Corliss was hundreds of yards away from the top, and appears very small.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/0e4EXbArJe8″ title=”Skydiver%20Slams%20into%20Mountain,%20Survives”]


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