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Driver Helps Woman Escape Men With Guns


Delivery Driver Saves Woman's Life A milk delivery truck driver in Virginia Beach risked his own life to help a woman escape two armed men.

The driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that on Wednesday of last week, he was working his normal route along Lynnhaven Parkway and Viking Drive in Virginia Beach when a woman suddenly jumped into his truck.

“As I turn around, I’m out the truck getting something I need to get and this girl throws herself in my truck begging and pleading for help and help,” the driver told WTKR. “At first I thought I was being set up for something, but she legitimately looked scared.”

The delivery driver took off down the road.  Soon after, he realized the men with the guns were following him.

“She looks over and says, ‘Oh that’s them’ and ducks down on the floor board and I’m like what and they’re pointing the gun out the window at me and I’m trying to floor it but I’m in a big ‘ole truck,” the driver told WTKR.

The driver says he tried to stay calm and called 911.  He cut across several lanes of traffic, trying to lose the men.

“She was legitimately in fear for her life,” he said. “I kind of was too, but I had to keep it cool.”

The police were able to meet up the delivery truck driver and he woman at a local McDonald’s.

Soon after, the chasers became the chase-es, as cops went in pursuit of the men.

Both men were eventually arrested and the woman and the driver are safe.



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