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Average Age of Drivers Increasing, Tenure Decreasing



According to a press release from Sylectus, a Omnitracs Canada Inc. company and transportation management company, an eight-year study reveals that the average age and tenure of the driver workforce has changed significantly.

Sylectus states that the average driver age and tenure increased for both male and female drivers: the average age for male drivers is 48 years old and the average age for female drivers is 51.

In addition, the study found that on average, fleets experience a fleet-wide turnover every 18 to 24 months!

“With today’s severe driver shortage, it’s critical that fleets looking to improve recruiting and retention efforts leverage transportation management technology—such as Sylectus’ TMS—and harness the power of collaboration that it offers,” said Stuart Sutton, president and general manager of Sylectus. “By partnering with other fleets in the network, they can leverage the resources of their competitors while keeping their current drivers happy and in their seats,” added Sutton.

Some of the key findings from the analysis include:
▪ The average age of male drivers went up by two years—from 46 to 48-years-old—and the average age of the females increased by three years—from 48 to 51-years-old.
▪ Female drivers are about one to three years older than their male counterparts.
▪ Post-recession, the tenure of male drivers decreased to less than two years at a carrier. Similarly, the tenure of female drivers has decreased to about one year and three months. The parallel fluctuation in tenure is due in part to husband and wife teams, in which one spouse resigns after the other.
▪ The driver pool remains largely male dominated, with 92 percent male drivers and just 8 percent female drivers.
For more information about Sylectus, please visit: www.sylectus.com/sylectus


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