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CDLLife Healthy Beverage Guide


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Good morning, drivers!

What’s your go-to beverage that gets you up and running every morning?

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5 Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

If you’re like most drivers, you’re all about that morning cup of coffee. According to recent studies that cup of joe has been linked to positive emotions such as pleasure, activity, energy, and happiness – in that order (especially in the mornings). But what’s so great about it besides that fact that it makes us feel great?

Infographic: 15 Things You Should Know About Caffeine

Caffeine plays a role in just about everyone’s lives. It’s in more beverages and medications that we can even count, and many completely rely on it to get through each day. But how much do you really know about caffeine?

CDLLife Compares Popular Energy Drinks

There are a multitude of options out there in the realm of caffeinated go-juice – and we’ve decided to take a closer look. Find out what you’d like to try, or try to avoid here:

Effects of Soda on the Body

Effects of soda on the body can range anywhere from diabetes to obesity. Everyone knows that soft drinks are filled with empty calories, but did you know that consuming soft drinks can do more damage than just packing on pounds?

Healthiest Coffee Drink & Smoothie Options

Coffee drinks and smoothies are notorious for being loaded with calories, check this chart to see which are the best and worst options. Also, remember that switching to nonfat milk, holding the whipped cream, and skipping the syrup are great ways to keep some of the calories out of your morning cup!

Drink This, Not That: Healthy Truck Driving

Healthy alternative beverage suggestions to the unhealthy go-to’s.


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