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Cha Ching! Pittsburg Truck Driver Scratches Winning Lottery Ticket


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Forty-three-year-old Broadway Express truck driver Joseph Brinkley’s delayed load turned into a big payout.

Just before Christmas, Brinkley was on his way to Chicago for a delivery.  Because of a delay with his load, Brinkley stopped at an Effingham truck stop to meet up with some fiends at the TA on West Evergreen Avenue.

When Brinkley arrived, a group of travelers were in line, so he walked to a lotto machine and purchased a few Scratchers tickets.

He then walked back to his truck and began scratching off the tickets.  Because of the dark, Brinkley has having trouble seeing whether or not his tickets were winners.

Brinkley told the Effingham Daily news that he raised the $5 Reindeer Riches ticket up to the light and could barely contain himself when he realized he had just won $200,000!

“When I saw all the zeros as I scratched my ticket, I froze. Then I was shaking and my heart was racing,” Binkley said. He rushed back into the truck stop to have a clerk verify the win, and immediately signed the back of his ticket. While in the store he noticed three buses had arrived and several people were lined up to purchase lottery tickets. “If I had been a minute later, someone else would have bought this winning ticket.”

“Try a ticket because you just never know. I truly was in the right place at the right time,” Brinkley advised.

Brinkley plans to purchase a house with his winnings.

Congratulations, driver!


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