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Truck Driver Publishes Book About His Life on the Road


Life on the road can take you all over the country, and we’re sure you’ve had some experiences that would make for a great story… After all, sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

One truck driver decided some of his over-the-road tales were worth writing down. Frederic Harrop, 74, is from New Zealand, but he spent a good portion of his life driving trucks all over the world–  particularly in the United States.

Throughout his time on the road, Harrop kept a collection of notes about his experiences as a truck driver. Now those notes have been published in a book called “10-4 and I’m Gone.”

Harrop said he wasn’t out for fame when he wrote the book and admits his book is not going to be the next “50 Shades of Grey.” He just hopes that his book  will serve as a legacy that can be shared with his children and grandchildren someday.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about Harrop’s story is that it isn’t a book about sex, drugs, crime or murder.   It’s simply a man telling his story and the memories that shaped it.

Here is a review of the book from Amazon.com:

By: Judy K S.

This review is from: 10-4 and I’m Gone (Paperback)
“This book is very interesting but if you are a truck driver, you will love this one. There is so much to see as you travel down the roads of the world and Frederic is sharing them with us! Thanks so much.”
Sources: Amazon.com, Fraser Coast Chronicle



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