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Increased Risk Of Cargo Theft During Holiday Weekends


With the holiday weekend upon us, FreightWatch International is warning drivers about the increased risk of cargo theft over the holiday.

According to FreightWatch International, “holiday weekends are of notoriously high risk” for cargo theft.  The agency says that cargo theft rings will likely be “extremely active” this upcoming weekend.

“During Memorial Day Weekends in the past, the FreightWatch International Supply Chain Intelligence Center (FWI SCIC) has recorded elevated theft levels up to 40% higher than non-holiday weekends,” FreightWatch International reports.

FreightWatch International recommends that carriers ensure their security measures are up-to-date.

If you’re going to be parking your truck for the weekend, you’re advised to park in a secure, well-lit location.

Notable thefts over Memorial Day Weekend 2012-2014:

2012, Florida, Fictitious Pickup of Produce

2012, New Jersey, Fictitious Pickup of Meats

2012, Florida, Full Truckload of Home & Garden, $500,000

2012, Florida, Full Truckload of NASA Equipment, $500,000

2013, Texas, Full Truckload of Seafood, $250,000

2013, California, Full Truckload of Apparel, $300,000

2013, Florida, Full Truckload of Medication, $300,000

2013, California, Full Truckload of Medication, $386,400

2014, South Carolina, Full Truckload of Cosmetics, $200,000

2014, Florida, Full Truckload of Televisions & Displays, $800,000



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