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Police PIT maneuver cause chain reaction crash during pursuit 


An officer’s attempt to end a police pursuit concluded with a captured suspect and a chain reaction crash in Colorado on Monday afternoon. 

The chase happened on June 13th in Denver and Aurora, Colorado. 

According to KKTV 11 News, Police began searching for the suspect after a shooting at a Bass Pro Shop in Denver. The suspect was located four hours later in the area of East 46th and Tower Road, starting a chase from Tower to Interstate 70 to Interstate 225 in Aurora. 

Police then performed a PIT maneuver on the suspect south of the East 17th exit in Aurora and disabled the suspect’s car, but the maneuver sparked a chain reaction crash. A total of seven vehicle were involved in the chain reaction crash. 

“After the PIT maneuver, multiple different vehicles were struck, but it ultimately stopped the suspect’s ability to continue fleeing,” the Aurora Police Department said.

Six people were transported to the hospital, including two police officers and the suspect, who is currently in critical condition due to a presumably self-inflicted gunshot wound. They are expected to survive. 

“There is no evidence at this time to suggest that any police officers fired their weapons. The suspect was transported to the hospital in critical condition where he remains with life-threatening injuries,” the Aurora Police Department said.

Both the police chase and the Bass Pro Shop shooting are currently under investigation.


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