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Truck driver seriously injured after plunge off overpass in West Virginia


A truck driver suffered major injuries after crashing off of an overpass into a ravine in West Virginia on Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred around 9:30 a.m. on May 25 near Fraziers Bottom, West Virginia.

A truck driver traveling on U.S. Route 35 went through a guardrail and crashed off of the overpass into into a grassy ravine below.

The truck driver was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

West Virginia House Delegate Kathie Hess Crouse was on the scene of the crash and shared a detailed account in a social media post.

Crouse said:

I was on 35 when the alert came through of an accident involving a semi with possible entrapment on 5 & 20. State police had already went past me and I thought maybe this was from an issue I am already working on in these areas. So I felt I needed to check on this so I can see further what corrective measures needed done. Some things are not even close to what you expect them to be. As I cross over the bridge above 5&20, there are a few people looking over the bridge. Well that did not make a lot sense. I then saw the State Trooper who had just passed me turn onto 5&20. I followed making sure to stay out of way of emergency vehicles. I came upon the accident which was under the bridge area. Let me preface all of this by saying the driver told paramedics he was not injured, they were able to extract him quickly and he was taken to the hospital. I have not Received any further updates as of yet. I am not sure if there were internal injuries or not. I will update when I have one. **updated below A semi, which was traveling 35 went off the road, hit the guardrail and clipped the bridge. And went airborn over the hill at least for 150 feet or more. Finally appearing to have touch down about 50 foot above the road below. Then once again being partially airborn across the road and over the next embankment. Burying part of his rig framing into the ground, basically exploding (not fire explosion) the cab off the framing and the rig finally coming to a stop. There were angels watching over this gentleman today. Let me say, our men and women of the WV State Police, Winfield Fire, and Putnam County EMS were amazing to watch. Police arrived with what had to have been within 5 minutes of the wreck. Follows shortly behind by Fire and EMS. They jumped into action quickly and had the driver extracted within 5 minutes of arrival. I watched them all work hand in hand and Intuitively together. Within probably another 5 minutes they had the gentlemen in the ambulance and had him on his way to the hospital. We were blessed that several firefighters were available and at the ready to be there. several of our Emergency directors were also there and working dilegently. Another and the biggest blessing was for this truck driver, that this did not happen at night when the road was more empty and that another driver going the other way saw it happen and phoned it in immediately, in addition to a gentleman that lived right down the road hearing the sounds of it happening. This would have been one of those less traveled areas that the gentleman may not have been found for a longer period of time. Other Fire departments were on their way also but they were able to be canceled because they were not needed. Thank you Putnam County EMS, Winfield Fire Department, WV State Troopers and many others for the quick and excellent response. This is why I fight for you and will continue too.**8pm 5/25/22 – Update given by drivers brother: he is in ICU and has a broken pelvis and has a back brace. He cannot feel his legs at this moment but they are not sure if the cause is a broken back or not.


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