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VIDEO: Drifting trucker makes a wild save on Chesapeake Bay Bridge


A social media user shared heart-stopping footage of a near miss involving two semi trucks that occurred during winter weather conditions on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland.

The video was shared by Reddit user u/Ramtherobin on January 3, 2022. They said:

My dad works on the bridge and sent me this video that he and his team captured this morning.

They were monitoring radio traffic and picked up comms on a semi that had jack knifed during a crosswind at a downhill section on the bridge.

While waiting for emergency services, the radio blew up and they rushed to watch the camera. The cameras are available on the web, and they were able to record and save this gem soon after it happened.

No one was hurt, according to the Reddit user.

Check out the video clip below.


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