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Results released from surprise nationwide semi truck brake blitz


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) released the results from an unannounced single day brake inspection campaign that took place throughout North America in April.

The CVSA’s surprise Brake Safety Day blitz occurred on April 19, 2023, in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

During the single day effort, a total of 6,829 commercial motor vehicles were inspected.

Officers discovered brake-related critical vehicle inspection items on 11.3% of the vehicles inspected, resulting in 773 vehicle out of service orders.

According to the CVSA, the top three out of service brake violations were as follows:

  1. 20% Brakes Violations – 479
    A vehicle or combination of vehicles is declared out of service when 20% or more of its service brakes have an out-of-service condition resulting in a defective brake, such as a brake out of adjustment, an audible air leak at the chamber, defective linings/pads, a missing brake where brakes are required, etc.
  2. Other Brake Violations – 368
    Examples of other out-of-service brake violations are worn brake lines, broken brake drums, inoperative tractor protection system, inoperative low air warning device, air leaks, hydraulic fluid leaks, etc.
  3. Steering Brake Violations – 81
    Examples of automatic standalone out-of-service steering axle brake violations are inoperative brakes, mismatched brake chambers, mismatched slack adjuster length, defective linings, etc.

For a breakdown of the unannounced Brake Safety Day results by country, see below:

  • Canada – Ten percent (88 vehicles) of the 894 total commercial motor vehicles inspected were placed out of service for brake-related violations.
  • Mexico – Thirty-four commercial motor vehicles were inspected. Six (18%) had brake-related out-of-service violations and were placed out of service.
  • United States – Inspectors placed 679 (11.5%) of the 5,901 total commercial motor vehicles inspected out of service for brake-related violations.

The CVSA holds two annual brake safety campaigns each year – Brake Safety Day, which is the one-day unannounced brake safety inspection and enforcement initiative, and Brake Safety Week, which is scheduled for August 20 — 26, 2023.


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