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Dozen migrants found hiding under blanket in sleeper


Twelve migrants were found hiding under a blanket on the trucker’s mattress and one more was found inside of a storage cabinet at the I-35 checkpoint earlier this month. 

The discovery was made on May 13th at 3:10 at the Interstate 35 checkpoint on the Texas-Mexico border

According to Beaumont Enterprise, truck driver Dennis Terrial Turner told agents he was traveling alone when a K9 agent alerted to the presence of possible contraband. An agent then asked Turner to open the curtain concealing his sleeper berth, and noticed a strange silhouette underneath a blanket on the mattress. 

Agents then detained Turner and removed the blanket to find 12 migrants under the blanket on the bed. A 13th migrant was found inside of a storage cabinet. 

Turner was read his rights, requested an attorney, and was charged with transport, attempt to transport and conspire to transport the migrants.


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