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Ramp thief offers to “put them back on” after trucker wins tug-of-war


A ramp thief tries to back track and offers to reinstall a trucker’s ramps after he realizes the cops have been called in this video. 

In the clip taken by a truck driver somewhere in Texas, (the caption says Houston but commenters say it happened in Dallas at Lancaster Avenue next to the Pilot) a truck driver whips out his phone to record a group of men swiping the ramps off of his flatbed and loading them into the back of their red Chevy pickup. 

“Hey!” the filming trucker yells. “I called the police. What the f*ck are you doing?! Give me my ramps!”

The trucker then tries to pull the ramps out of the pickup bed with one hand while the group of men, at least one of them fiddling with an ill-fitted ski mask he’s wearing as a hat, tries to yank them back. The whole situation plays more like children fighting over toys than a ramp thief trying to rob someone. 

The pickup then casually pulls away and the attempted thieves jog off, leaving the trucker to collect the ramps he pulled out of their pickup bed. 

A very short time later, the red pickup pulls back up to the trucker and one ramp thief hops out of the backseat. 

“My bad,” the ramp thief says as he climbs out of the truck. “Hey,” he continues, nodding in the direction of the trucker’s flatbed, “lemme put ‘em back on for ya.”

The trucker then walks to the back of the pickup truck, seemingly to record the license plate, while the ramp thief exclaims “Hey! Where you going? Don’t do me like that. My bad. C’mon.”

The video ends there, but it sure seems like the driver got his ramps back. 

Ramp theft is an actual problem, but in this video at least, it’s a little bit funny. Check it out yourself, below.


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