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Truck Parking Club Hits 400 Locations, Saving Hundreds of Millions in Development Costs


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Evan Shelley, Co-founder & CEO – Chattanooga, Tennessee – Monday, May 20

We are thrilled to announce that Truck Parking Club has passed 400 Property Member locations on our platform. These properties collectively offer tens of thousands of instantly reservable truck parking spaces nationwide.

The truck parking shortage is a widely acknowledged issue in the industry. Consequently, solutions to this problem garner significant support, evidenced by the bipartisan backing of bills like the Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act. However, constructing new truck parking facilities remains both time-consuming and expensive, often costing $100,000 to $200,000 per space and taking years to complete.

With drivers frequently citing parking as one of their biggest challenges, faster and more cost-effective solutions are essential. Truck Parking Club is proud to be part of the solution by adding new parking capacity in an affordable, efficient, and scalable manner.

Each week, we add hundreds of new parking spaces to our network that were never publicly available, and we anticipate this growth rate will continue to accelerate. Reaching 400 Property Members has been no small feat and required the combined effort of every member of our team. From our customer service team made up of former drivers answering every customer call personally, to our property team criss crossing the country in our vans putting up signage at properties, to our tech team responding rapidly to bugs that arose, getting to this point is a testament to our ability to work together and our dedication to being a big part of solving this problem. While this is a significant milestone in our journey, we’re still a long way off from having a meaningful impact on this critical issue. Luckily, our team shows no signs of slowing down.

To learn more, add your location, or to find parking locations, visit truckparkingclub.com. If someone you know has property suitable for truck parking, refer them to us.

About Truck Parking Club:

Truck Parking Club, the “Airbnb” of truck parking, is a network of instantly reservable hourly, daily, weekly and monthly truck parking locations throughout the US. Truck Parking Club helps connect truckers to truck parking locations throughout the US via truckparkingclub.com and our mobile app. Our network is made up of property owners that have locations adequate for truck parking to list on the platform: this includes trucking companies, truck repair shops, tow truck companies, storage companies, CDL Schools, trailer leasing companies, real estate investors, truck parking operators and more!

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Reed Loustalot
CMO – Truck Parking Club

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