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“Truckers need proven technology,” not the brand new technology of electric semis, industry leader says 


Industry leaders say that “truckers need proven technology” as Biden’s push for green energy policies continues to affect the trucking industry. 

JKC Trucking co-owner Mike Kucharski recently appeared on a Fox Business show to explain the “extremely frustrating”position that the new EPA regulations are putting trucking companies in. 

Kucharski says that pushing electric vehicles on the trucking industry “too fast with little testing and data” could have “catastrophic” consequences on companies, drivers, and other people on the road. 

“Electric trucks, No. 1, are too expensive, and this technology is being pushed through way, way too fast with little testing and data,” he said. “Truckers need proven technology, because if technology fails, the entire supply chain will be dead in the water. Failure is not merely inconvenient, it’s catastrophic. And this is not an option, especially for the food supply chain of America.”

“The issues that we’re having with the trucks, with the heavy trucks, No. 1, this mandate is brand-new technology, and I support green energy. But it’s extremely frustrating because I don’t agree with the EPA. Because these regulations are not practical,” he continued. 

“[The problem with EV semi trucks] number one, costs are astronomical. Too expensive. Two, infrastructure — power grid not ready, not enough charging stations. Three, testing and data is being done right now. We need more testing data. Four, driving range or range anxiety is real. Long-distance driving truck range for electric trucks is not practical. And then five, less cargo capacity due to the weight of the batteries. This will cause less goods and less foods delivered to the American people.”

Kucharski says that a reasonable compromise between those supporting green energy and the trucking industry would be hybrid tractor trailers, which could follow new and developing regulations while still offering a reliable way for the trucking industry to deliver goods. 

“Truckers need an affordable hybrid truck, as you say, with two power system. Because if one shuts down or breaks, the other one continues,” he said. 


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