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Ohio prosecutor warns that truckers who shut down highway ‘will go to jail’ ahead of planned vaccine mandate protests

Law enforcement agencies are on alert after a group of truck drivers planned a "Patriot Protest" against vaccine mandates on Monday.

South Australia drops vaccine requirement for truckers in wake of protests, freight delays

The state of South Australia has dropped the upcoming vaccine requirement for truckers in the wake of protests and freight delays.  The regulation was set to go into effect on September 24th, and would have required truck...

Trucking protests throughout history: What’s going to happen now?

As news surrounding a potential upcoming trucker strike gains traction, many are wondering what impact, if any, the demonstrations will have on the trucking industry, and even the country at large.  The initial strike - supported by...

Protests erupt in dozens of cities, shutting down interstates all across the country

On Thursday night, interstates and bridges across the country were shut down by thousands of protesters demanding justice in the wake of the high-profile Breonna Taylor decision.

Truck drivers are still accidentally being caught in protests

Nightly protests in Portland, Oregon have continued to put semi-truck drivers in danger as they deliver loads to the city. Portland has experienced almost 70 consecutive nights of protests in the wake of George Floyde's death...

Worried about driving through protests? Here are 12 tips to keep truckers safe.

For months since the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, truckers have found themselves caught up in protests and sometimes violent demonstrations on the road.

Rep calls for withholding of transporting funding if protests on highways continue

A Minnesota Representative and trucking company owner is asking federal authorizes to withhold transportation funding if cities continue to allow protests to occur on highways. In a Facebook video, Minnesota Rep. Cal Bahr said that he...

Breaking: Utah governor declares of State of Emergency after violent protests erupt

Utah Governor Gary Herbert today declared a state of emergency after protests erupted following an announcement of a decisions regarding a police-involved shooting. The declaration was drafted yesterday and released today, July 10, 2020. The declaration...

Nationwide Juneteenth Protests Planned – Group Calls For Protesters to ‘Blockade a Highway’

A Black Lives Matter group is calling on protesters to "Shut things down on June 19th." According to the group's website, the group is asking Black Live's Matter supporters to observe Juneteenth by shutting down DC,...

Protests Heat Up in Atlanta – Interstate Blocked

As protests across the country were beginning to slow down, video of an officer shooting an African American man emerged, reigniting tensions. On Friday, June 12, 2020, an Atlanta police officer shot and killed Rayshard Brooks,...

President of largest freight broker group to step down in the wake of trucker protests

The head of the largest freight broker group in the U.S. will leave the association after more than two decades.

Interactive map gives you access to realtime info about active protests in the U.S.

As civil unrest spreads in the U.S., staying informed about the location of protest activities and riots is the best defense a trucker has to keep safe.

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