Truck driver faces up to 20 years for stealing a load of meat

A California-based truck driver is facing up to two decades in prison after he admitted to stealing a truck load of meat.

Trucker in fatal I-70 pileup charged with 40 counts

Colorado authorities have issued dozens of felony charges to a 23 year old truck driver accused of causing a massive pileup that claimed four lives.

Man charged with murder in road rage shooting of truck driver

South Carolina police are hunting for a motorist who they say is responsible for the shooting death of a semi truck driver.

Cops ask for help finding road rager who fired at semi truck

Police in North Carolina are asking for help in identifying a car driver who fired multiple shots at a semi truck during a road rage confrontation this week.

Man sentenced to life in prison for trucking company shooting spree

A Michigan judge sentenced a former trucking company worker to life in prison without parole for the shooting deaths of two ex-coworkers.

Watch: Iowa State trooper narrowly escapes semi truck

The Iowa State Patrol recently released dash cam video of a crash that they blame on a truck driver who was distracted by eating or drinking.

Feds say trucking business was really a meth distribution center

After a year long investigation into an Albuquerque trucking company, federal authorities say that the company's owner is facing serious charges related to drug trafficking.

Two men arrested for throwing a rock off an overpass at a semi for ‘fun’

Two Tennessee males are facing charges after they allegedly tossed a rock off of an overpass and nearly killed a truck driver. 

Sixty-eight year old trucker assaulted after leaving truck stop

Texas police are asking for the public's help in locating a motorist who physically assaulted a semi truck driver during a road rage incident.

Feds find $7 million worth of drugs in truckload of rocks

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) says that agents found almost $7 million worth of various illegal drugs in a tractor trailer at the Pharr International Bridge this week.

Trucker and beer load go missing. Cops find load, but not driver.

Los Angeles police are asking the public for help locating a truck driver who went missing along with a truckload of beer last week. 

Missing trucker’s rig found abandoned, driver nowhere to be found

A truck driver's family is asking for help in finding him after he has been missing for several days.

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