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Las Cruces Residents Ordered to Pay Up or Else

Some Las Cruces residents are fired-up about the city's new plan to collect fines due for tickets, but will they have the water to put out the fire?

Trucker Buddy Int’l. Announces New Officers

CDL Life favorite Trucker Buddy International announces their newest officers, and some of their plans for 2012. Are you a Trucker Buddy?

New Info On US Trucker Detained in Mexico for Smuggling

Mexican authorities say a cross-border trucker has been detained on charges of transporting unauthorized ammunition. His carrier company and officials at the ATF claim it's a mistake and he should be released immediately.

It’s a Good Time to Buy a Used Truck

If you're looking to buy a used Class 8 truck, now's the time. How long will the low prices hold out?

UPDATE: California Truckers May Soon Get a Break on Driving Records

New legislation proposed in California would be good for truckers. What does it mean for you?

New Trucking Bills Proposed in Missouri

Two new bills, introduced to the Missouri Legislature, will be good for truckers hauling house hold goods, livestock or timber. Get more details on the proposed bills.

J.B. Hunt Sees 30% Earnings Spike for March

Analysts report J.B. Hunt sees a 30% earnings spike in March. Find out how the company says they're still making money in this economy.

Two Major Trucking Companies Offer Team Bonuses

Two major carriers offer handsome bonuses. Get the details here.

LaHood Calls for Ban on Cell Phone Use For All Drivers

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood called for a federal ban on cell phone use while driving, but others in the industry disagree with him. What do you think? Also, take a look at state-by-state cell phone laws.

KHP Rides Along With Truckers

Kansas State Highway Patrol rides a mile in trucker's moccasins.

Volvo Sales: First Quarter Looks Good for 2012

Volvo reports better than expected numbers for the first quarter. Is it a sign of a strengthening economy?

Three Midwest Truck Stops Plug-In

Two truck stops in Nebraska and one in Iowa are getting a major power upgrade. Drivers, find out where you need to go and what equipment you'll need to plug-in to the power grid.

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