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Maryland To Allow Hundreds Of Undocumented Immigrants To Keep CDLs


This week the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration announced that they will relent on their requirement that over 250 undocumented immigrants must show proof of citizenship or permanent residency in order to keep their CDLs.

Letters Threaten To Cancel Hundreds Of CDLs In 30 Days

In August, the Maryland MVA sent out 263 letters to commercial driver’s license holders to inform them that they were out of compliance with federal law and that their CDLs would be cancelled within 30 days unless they showed proof of permanent residence or citizenship.

Most of the CDL holders who received the letters were protected under the “Temporary Protected Status” program, which allows the Department of Homeland Security to issue work permits to immigrants who come from countries that have experienced environmental disaster or ongoing war.

The letters caused a great deal of confusion and panic for the CDL holders, many of whom had already invested thousands of dollars in training and equipment. Some of those who received letters had even started their own trucking companies.

Maryland Relents In The Face Of Advocate Pressure

Several politicians and immigrant rights groups spoke out against the MVA’s decision and the agency finally relented. This week the MVA sent out another batch of letters informing the immigrants that they will be allowed to keep the CDLs so long as they have Temporary Protected Status and a work permit.

Delegate and driver advocate Ana Sol Gutierrez says Maryland should issue an apology to the immigrant CDL holders.

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