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Minnesota Considers Easing Speeding Fines

Do you think an easing of speeding laws would help, or hurt your on-time delivery ratio?

Old Dominion Converts Warehouse to Solar Power

Find out how much these veterans of the transportation industry are projected to save on energy for a single location.

Goodyear Names 2011 Highway Hero Nominees

Goodyear has narrowed down the 2011 Highway Hero award nominees to just four. Trucking journalists will be voting for the winner this week. Who are they?

Trucking News Central – Feb. 17th Broadcast

Our Trucking News Central broadcast for Feb. 17th. Our host, Shirley Norris covers important topics surrounding trucking and transportation.

Transporting Nukes – Can You Spot Them?

The Cold War is over, but the high-dollar cargo is still on the road. How do you spot them?

Transportation Groups Petition Senate Against New Tollroads

The ATA, AAA and many other industry and safety groups are opposed to new tolling charges cleared in the new Surface Transportation Bill. Find out who else is against it.

Speed Camera Restrictions Gaining Momentum

Lawmakers, Law Enforcement and Trucking groups are at a stalemate regarding states use of red light and speed cameras. It's safety vs. revenue and no one's happy.

How Will Trucking Overcome the Driver Shortage? Pt. 2

To combat the qualified driver shortage within the trucking industry, some carriers are trying new tactics to keep their edge. Is it working?

ATA CEO Bill Graves Files Lawsuit Over HOS Ruling

Citing unqualified predictions about safety and productivity, Bill Graves of the ATA is asking a Circuit Court of Appeals to roll back the revised Hours of Service ruling handed down in Nov. 2011.

The Pre-Trip Report | Feb. 13 – 20

Get a quick review of vital transportation and trucking industry news topics here before you hit the road. Updated all week!

Surface Transportation Bill Set for House Vote

Surface Transportation Bill, just released through the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on Jan. 31 is set for a House vote today. What does it mean for small carriers?

The Pre-Trip Report | Feb. 6 – 12th

Get vital trucking industry news here at CDL Life before you fire up the ignition. Updated every day of the week.

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