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Truckers, Want to Lose Weight? Want to Make Some Money?

Want to get paid to lose weight? Check out this exciting new, free program funded by the Healthy Trucking Association. There are no strings attached!

Kansas City Based MHC Wins Kenworth First PACCAR MX Dealer Award

At the Kenworth Dealer Meeting in Columbus, Ohio, Kansas City based MHC won a first of its kind award. What did they win the award for and why? Find out the details here.

Interstates May Get More Tolls

To aid the ailing highway system, Congress is pushing to add more tolls. Find out where the tolls might be going and how many there will be.

Diesel Prices Drop for the First Time Since 2011

Oil prices dropped the most since December 2011, but will they remain steady or continue to drop? Find out the details and what's behind the sudden drop.

Trucker Buddy Launches New Mentor Program

Trucker Buddy International announces an exciting new program, aimed at doing great things. Do you want to get involved?

Injured Trucker Sues Alton Trucking Company

Trucker sues company for worker's compensation benefits and wrongful termination. Find out why he was terminated and the current state of the litigation.

Ryder Offers New Job Database for Veterans

Veterans looking for employment have another ally. Ryder System announces new career program, designed to match veterans up with jobs suited to their abilities.

Couple Sues Landlord For Renting Out Real-Life Haunted House

A New Jersey couple is suing their former landlord for $2,250. They say the house they rented was haunted, sending them running for the hills. Read their claims here.

Trucking Group Fights CA Courts’ Meal Ruling

A new law handed down by the California Supreme Court this week puts truck drivers at odds with employers and other labor groups. What happened?

Oil Frenzy Creates a Demand for More Truckers

The recent oil drilling frenzy has created an increased demand for qualified drivers. Find out where the jobs are and how much they pay.

Trucking Executive Cautions Senate on the Cost of Tolls

NFI Chief Financial Officer Steve Grabell warns the Senate on effects of increasing tolls, campaigning for the Commuter Protection Act.

FMCSA to Redefine Tanker

FMCSA to reevaluate its definition for "tank vehicle." Find out the proposed change.

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