Audible Book Review: ‘Revival’

Steven King is a literary genius. His new book, 'Revival' does not disappoint.

Graphic Audio Review: A Dangerous Man

We’ve reviewed a few pieces from Graphic Audio before, but not one quite like this.

GraphicAudio Review: Shadow Ops

Control point follows army officer Oscar Britton, a lieutenant in the military’s Supernatural Operations Corps.

Graphic Audio Review: Boneshaker

You're in your truck, with miles and miles to go. You're tired of the same old audio book you've been listening to for the past few nights. What do you do?

Audible Top Seller: Gone Girl

If you are looking for something to pass the time on the road and enjoy a good mystery/thriller, you should definitely check out Gone Girl by Author Gillian Flynn.

VIDEO: A Day In The Life Of A Mobile Library Bloke

A day in the life of Riverina Regional Library's Mobile Library Operator.

‘Singing Wheels: August Fruehauf & The History of the Fruehauf Trailer Company’

"Singing Wheels: August Fruehauf & The History of the Fruehauf Trailer Company" A book by Ruth Fruehauf and Darlene Norman

Audible New Releases: Fall 2014

While driving long stretches of highway, why not try an audiobook from Audible to pass the time?

Audible New Releases: Summer 2014

Audible New Releases - Summer 2014

New Book Provides ‘Cynical, Hard Look’ at Being a Truck Driver

A new book, New to OTR: A Guide for New Company Over the Road Truck Drivers by Chris Aragon will soon be hitting the shelves.

Truck Driver Publishes Book About His Life on the Road

Truck driver publishes a book that discusses his experiences on the road.

Stephen King’s Trucking Thriller: ‘Trucks’

If you're into horror novels or movies, Stephen King's short story entitled, "Trucks" (found in his "Night Shift" short story compilation) might just be for you.

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