Oklahoma City Road Rage

Trucker sucker punched and left K.O.’ed on the shoulder by motorist

Oklahoma City police are looking for a motorist who attacked a trucker during a road rage fight.

19 charged after cops find $284K in semi’s hidden compartment, $3.8 million in cocaine...

Georgia police say that they've broken up a major drug ring after they discovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash stashed in a semi truck during a traffic stop earlier this month.

Truck driver said he shot a man for breaking into his truck. Turns out,...

Florida authorities say that a truck driver who believed a man was breaking into his truck shot another man in the head yesterday.

Overweight load leads to inspection, drug bust — and a possible 40 year prison...

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) says that a truck driver is facing decades in prison after officials discovered hundreds of pounds of marijuana in his truck during a safety inspection.

Suspect charged in brutal murder of female truck driver

A man has been charged for beating a veteran truck driver to death outside of her truck on an Alabama interstate earlier this month.

Shooting at Connecticut trucking company leaves two injured

A shooter is in custody after opening fire at a logistics company location in South Windsor, Connecticut, on Tuesday morning.

Bicyclist, doctor dies after hit and run crash with semi truck

A man has passed after being struck by a semi truck in Illinois over the weekend.  The accident happened on US Route 150 in Champaign County, Illinois at 4:20...

Police say they suspect murder/suicide after couple found dead in flaming semi

Mississippi police have offered new insight into the case of a husband and wife found deceased inside of a burned semi truck on Sunday morning.

Truckers who pulled into Indiana weigh station caught with $1.5 million in cocaine

Earlier this week, Indiana State Police (ISP) made a major drug seizure following a routine truck inspection. The drug seizure occurred at the I-94 Eastbound Weigh Station in Porter County,...

Truck driver charged with murder of prostitute after leaving shoes beneath motel bed

A truck driver is facing murder charges after allegedly murdering a prostitute in a motel room and leaving behind his shoes.  33-year-old  Stephanie Renee Duran was allegedly murdered by...
Fake Plate

Police not fooled by trucker’s fake license plate

California police say that a semi truck driver's homemade license plate led them to uncover a number of other major violations.
Drivers Lounge

Woman crashes into truck stop drivers lounge, blames sandal

Wisconsin police say that they filed multiple charges against a motorist who crashed her car into the drivers lounge area of a truck stop.
Yucca Valley

Suspect dead after ramming, shooting at police during semi truck pursuit

California police say that a person driving a semi truck was killed by gunfire during a police pursuit in Yucca Valley on Sunday night.
I-65 Boone County

Police: Truck driver in triple fatal pileup was reportedly distracted by coffee

A truck driver is facing multiple felony charges following a deadly pileup crash in Indiana on Sunday.

‘Visibly shaken’ trucker gets inspected, feds find 80 pounds of suspected cocaine and fentanyl

Border authorities say that a truck driver's nervous behavior tipped them off to a large amount of drugs concealed in his vehicle.

Texas trucker admits to fleeing checkpoint with 63 people hidden in his trailer

Federal authorities say that a Texas-based truck driver has pled guilty to charges related to human smuggling.
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