POLICE: Truck driver charged for ‘several motor vehicle crashes’ after operating rig while impaired

A truck driver has been charged with driving under the influence after causing multiple accidents, police say.  The series of crashes occured in Salt Lake City, Utah on September...
Amazon Prime

Feds accuse former trucking co. owner of ‘elaborate scheme’ to defraud Amazon

The former owner of a Rhode Island trucking company is facing serious charges after federal investigators uncovered a complicated scheme to defraud Amazon while investigating other crimes.

Former trucker arrested for multiple 1990s murders after FBI secretly collected his DNA from...

Authorities have arrested a former long haul truck driver who they say was responsible for the murder of multiple women in the 1990s. On May 6, police arrested 58...

UPDATE: Woman allegedly responsible for throwing child from moving car is now in custody

Police have arrested a woman in connection to the death of a child on a highway in Arkansas earlier this week.  30-year-old Whitney Turner-Tyson was arrested Tuesday night, September...
Midland County

Question swirl around driver shot dead in his semi truck in Texas

Texas police have asked for public help in investigating the death of a semi truck driver in late August -- but they have provided few details about the crime.
Florida Teens

Trucker robbed and killed for fake gold chain and cell phone

Two Florida teens have been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of an off duty truck driver.
PA Charges

Police say woman intentionally crashed into truck

Pennsylvania police say that a woman is facing several charges following a crash she is accused of causing last month. On December 17,...

Truck driver accused of severely beating man who booted his semi in Walmart parking...

A truck driver is facing felony charges following a parking dispute at a Walmart location in Kansas late last month.

Pumpkin tossed off I-70 overpass at vehicle, semi may have also been targeted.

The Indiana State Police is warning drivers to use caution after a vehicle was badly damaged by a pumpkin that was thrown from an overpass.

Trooper who stopped to help disabled truck stumbles upon $5 MILLION worth of weed

A Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) trooper was only attempting to assist a box truck driver with mechanical problems over the weekend, but he wound up discovering thousands of pounds of marijuana.
Run Over Police

Trucker on the Warpath Tried To Run Over Officer With Semi, Police Say

Nebraska police say that a truck driver is facing attempted murder charges following a bizarre incident outside the driver's home.

FBI believes wanted Russian immigrant could be ‘hiding’ as a truck driver or dispatcher

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has offered a cash reward for an Ohio man who they believe may be working in the trucking industry.

Truck driver caught smuggling immigrants OUT of country

A truck driver was arrested Thursday after officials caught him attempting to smuggle illegal immigrants out of the country.  The incident occurred on October 1st, at approximately 1:30 p.m....

Trucking school owner gets 4 years for bilking Veterans Affairs out of $4.1 MILLION

The owner of a California truck driving school was sentenced to prison on fraud charges for a scheme to steal millions from the U.S. government.
Serial Shooter

Texas police say they’ve arrested serial roadside shooter suspect

This morning, police in Texas announced that they are on the lookout for a possible serial shooter who appears to be targeting drivers in broken down vehicles.
Miller Time

Beer truck thief sentenced to 20 years

On Friday, Texas authorities announced that a man who stole and totaled a Miller Lite beer truck was sentenced to decades in prison.
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