Police Officer

Pre-Paid Legal Service – Your Ticket To Freedom?

Are pre-paid legal services worth the money, or do they cause more harm than good. Read about some other truckers' experiences with them.

FMCSA Releases Planned Improvements to SMS

The FMCSA released planned "improvements" to the SMS. Are they moving in the right direction? Find out what improvements were made.

3 Questions Trucking Recruiters CAN’T Ask You

The hiring process for truckers can be lengthy and difficult. Recruiters want to know everything they can about you. But they can't ask these specific questions.

7 Unknown Facts About Truck Drivers

What is typically printed about truck drivers in the media is negative or does little to dispel the surly, tough truck driver stereotype. The reality is that truckers are a caring group of individuals who give of their time and assets to various charities.
California Air

Clean Diesel Advances in 2012 Report

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) released a report detailing how much cleaner diesel fuel burns in today's trucks. Find out just how clean inside...
Gulf Coast Braces For Tropical Storm Cindy

Driving Tips for Severe Weather

It's often hard to prepare for the day ahead, when you're traveling from snow, to thunderstorms then to dry roads, but here are some tips to help you navigate the roads of spring.
Seat Belt Buckle Up

9 Myths About Seat Belts For Truckers

Do you buckle up? Do you know the dangers if you don't - even if you're just making a quick jump across a parking lot? Read on...
Green Energy Semi Trucks

Clean Energy Magnate Betting On Natural Gas Semis

Semi trucks running on natural gas harvested here in North America could cut transportation budgets by a big chunk. How much?

Drug War May Catch Truckers by Surprise In Ohio

An Ohio senator, backed by a governor's drug initiative could cause unforeseen problems for law-abiding truckers.

ATA and OOIDA Challenge on EOBR Ruling

Today the ATA joined the OOIDA in a legal challenge regarding the FMCSA's new ruling on voluntary EOBR devices.
South Dakota

South Dakota Approves Bill Boosting Trucker Rights

South Dakota placed a ban on indemnity clauses for shipping companies looking to avoid responsibility for freight loss or damage.

Transporting Nukes – Can You Spot Them?

The Cold War is over, but the high-dollar cargo is still on the road. How do you spot them?
Log Book

Log Books for Truck Drivers

Every trucker needs a log book from time to time. Get a good deal on one here!
Trucker Parking Only

Gifts For Truckers

Got a trucker in your life? We have some gift suggestions for that special highway hero of yours, and the prices are right!
Mobile Chapel

Ex-Trucker Creates Mobile Chapel Out of Semi

A pastor decided his calling was going to be much different than most other spiritual leaders'.

Entrepreneurial Woman Keeps Truckers Safe & Rolling

A Canadian woman created a business to help truckers stay safe and keep their trucks on the road. She loves truckers and her job. Read more about her.
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