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Truck Driver Movies: Road Games (1981)

An undiscovered Australian film wonder puts truckers at the heart of fear, starring Jamie Lee Curtis.

Truck Driver TV Shows: Outback Trucking

Coming soon to the 7Mate satellite TV channel - truck driver life style, minus the hype and drama.

Trucker Shames Bad Drivers With Dash Cam

Adelaide, AUS - A truck driver who mounted a dashboard camera to his rig has taken to Youtube to expose the bad drivers of Adelaide.

VIDEO: Woman Vs. Truck In Fight Against Cancer

See a dedicated lady help the fight against breast cancer in a unique way.

VIDEO: World’s Longest Road Train

In 2006, John Atkinson pulled 112 trailers down a stretch of highway using only a single engine Mack Titan. Watch footage of his attempt.

VIDEO: Australia Allows BIG RIGS

Considering the recent talk in the Surface Transportation Bill in America, watching these big rigs cruise around on Australia's highways looks ludicrous. Are they safe?

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