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Truck Driver TV Shows: Outback Trucking


If you ever wondered how our truck driver friends down under did their jobs, you can get a closer look starting on Oct. 18th if you have a satellite TV system. If you don’t, we’re betting you can also see it soon on YouTube.

Five episodes of Outback Trucker will be broadcast on the free-to-air channel 7-Mate. The first episode will premiere on Thursday October 18 at 9:30 pm.

The second episode will follow at 7:30 pm the following night, Friday.

The series creators, a production company called Prospero Production in the venture says the show “gives a reality view of the importance of the trucking industry and life on the road for drivers and operators alike.” They make an effort to downplay drama, and focus on how much the truck drivers work, and how many details can slow them down (or shut them down) in one of the world’s harshest road environments.

Here’s a preview reel for Outback Truckers.


Some of the real life characters include Mark King, who hauls a 100 tonne load in conditions so scorching that the roads melt beneath his wheels. Then there’s veteran truckie Steve Grahame, delivering essential supplies to a remote community through atrocious weather conditions.

Former model Deb Drew now handles an 80-tonne rig but manages to attract some unwanted attention from the law, while Dougal Brett is seen hauling 1,500 head of cattle to a market 3,000km away.

Cat Trucks Managing Director Bill Fulton says Prospero Productions approached the company last year to discuss the concept of delivering a reality view highlighting the importance of the trucking industry. After some negotiating, he decided that the company had the interests of the truck drivers at heart and would do them and their industry justice on the small screen.

Truck Driver Reality TV Stars
Outback Truckers star Deb Drew, getting into some trouble with the law.

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