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Video captured in Ohio this week shows a train plowing a big rig down the railroad tracks.
Images shared on social media show a truck driver in a tight spot on a mountain roadway in Virginia.

VIDEO: FedEx Truck Drops Caboose

A FedEx truck hauling doubles loses a trailer at a Pilot truck stop. http://youtu.be/qXEQ7SaWgw8 Video Credit: stan heuler

VIDEO: Chevy Pulls FedEx Truck Hauling Doubles Up A Snowy Hill

It's a case of David helping Goliath as a Chevy pickup helps a stuck FedEx truck up a hill in this video sent in...

Crash Leaves Truck Dangling From Overpass

A crash yesterday left a truck hauling two trailers hanging from overpass next to the  14 Freeway in Acton, California. KTLA: SigAlert still in effect for...

VIDEO: Driver Demonstrating How To Hook Up Doubles Is Strangely Satisfying

Is it the fog? The editing? We're not sure, but something about this video makes it mesmerizing. Video Credit: Mitch T

VIDEO: Trucker’s Dash Cam Captures Another Semi’s Dangerous Driving

This trucker's dash cam captures a truck hauling doubles weaving between lanes and even coming close to hitting the cammer on I-40 in New...

VIDEO: Big Rig Dash Cam Captures Van’s Wild Ride

This dash cam video shows a van losing control and coming dangerously close to getting hit by the oncoming truck hauling doubles. Video Credit: Truckers Logic

VIDEO: FedEx Truck Hauling Doubles Crashes

According to the video description, the FedEx truck hit a patch of black ice, sending it crashing into the dash cammer's vehicle. If you're...

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