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Bridges in 16 states will soon see improvements or be replaced after $5 billion in grants was announced on Wednesday.  The Biden administration announced the states and bridges awarded the grant money on Wednesday, July 17th, reported...
One person is dead and another was injured following a train vs. semi truck collision in in Dundy County, Nebraska, on Tuesday.

Watch as an eco-protester chains himself to a truck

Several protesters were arrested yesterday at the Mountain Valley Pipeline staging site in Beaver, West Virginia.

Would you haul this (possibly very hungry) dino-load for Amazon?

A truck loaded up with a mysterious large box has been spotted driving around Los Angeles as part of a promotion for the new movie "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom."

I-40 in downtown Nashville shutdown for oversized load wedged under overpass

Tennessee transportation officials say that a stretch of I-40 eastbound will be closed until about midnight after a truck hauling a piece of Caterpillar equipment became wedged under an overpass in downtown Nashville.

VIDEO: Truck gets by with a little help from a friend

This truck *by itself* might be no match for an icy uphill road. But with a little help from an excavator -- they (sort of) make it work.


To find out more about the home-daily local flatbed jobs available now in the Hagerstown, Maryland region (50-mile radius), visit DriveMTL.com.

Fact Check: Carrier One’s Claim of $260k Plus a Year in Gross Revenue

Many drivers question the validity of Carrier One’s claim that their drivers are averaging $260,000 or more a year in gross revenue.

Lost trucker hauling “missile-like” load launches White House panic

A confused truck driver hauling a load that appeared to be a missile had Washington authorities on high alert when he strayed too close...

By the Numbers – Illinois Based Flatbed Company Reports Record Growth Heading into 2018

Chicago, IL – To be known as the country’s fastest growing, 100% Owner Operator-driven flatbed trucking company is an impressive feat by any standards...

Two hurt when flatbed truck crashes into New Jersey home

New Jersey police say that a two vehicle crash caused a flatbed truck to leave the roadway and plow into a home this afternoon. Tractor...

VIDEO: Railcar awkwardly loaded onto flatbed

It seems that there might be a better way to get the railcar on the flatbed, but this forklift driver is determined to make...

VIDEO: Elephant stops truck to steal its load

This video caught an adorable elephant stealing hay from a truck. The elephant appeared from the dense jungle as the truck was driving by...

Three truck drivers have rescued over one thousand people in Houston

Nick Sheridan is one of the truck drivers that is driving his rig throughout South Texas to rescue stranded people and animals following Hurricane Harvey. Sheridan...

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