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Several semi trucks were filmed behaving badly in this dash cam clip that ends in a serious fender bender for all involved.  In the clip, a lime green semi truck is trying to pass at least two...
The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) recently opened a new commercial vehicle inspection station along I-495.

What’s your take on this trucker’s merge maneuver caught on dash cam?

A truck driver's ... assertive ... merge maneuver was caught on dash cam and has gone viral. While some are calling the trucker reckless, others are saying that he simply did what he needed to do to get where he needed to go. What's your take?

VIDEO: Hyundai Accent driver gets a lesson in merging

A car driver cuts in front of a trucker in a last-ditch attempt to merge onto a highway in Quebec.

VIDEO: Colorado trooper teaches drivers how to merge onto the highway

A Colorado State Patrol Trooper seems surprised that he has been asked to educate drivers on a basic skill like merging onto the highway,...

VIDEO: Who is to blame for this car vs. semi smackdown?

In this dash cam clip, a car driver merges quickly onto the interstate and into the left lane in a move that forces another...

VIDEO: This is not how you get on the interstate

CDLLife reader Grant sent us this dash cam video of a car driver who is totally clueless about how you merge onto the interstate...

VIDEO: Car Tries To Merge Into Apparently Invisible Semi Truck

Check out this "what the heck was he thinking?" merge fail.

VIDEO: Semi Sideswipes Merging Tractor Trailer

The dash cammer endures a sharp sideswipe from another truck on I-94 in Indiana.

VIDEO: This Is Why You Don’t Drive Alongside A Truck

A four wheeler winds up pinched between a truck and the guardrail as the truck merges right.

VIDEO: This Was Almost A Three Truck Pileup

A questionable merge causes a scary close call for all three truck drivers involved.

VIDEO: Trucker Vs. Trucker Road Rage Hall Of Shame

A merge dispute between the dash cammer and the black Volvo bobtail leads to a road rage battle between the two truck drivers.

VIDEO: Ridiculous Merge Fail

Dash cam video protects a trucker when a motorist can't quite figure out how to merge and causes a crash. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOgVtZUiuBc Video Credit: Falcon Electronics

VIDEO: IowaDOT Footage Shows Four Wheelers What Happens When You Don’t Merge Correctly

IowaDOT praised the trucker for how he handled the "scary situation" at the I-35/U.S. 30 interchange on August 25th.

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