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VIDEO: Semi Merges Directly Into Another Truck

A semi's speedy merge onto the highway results in a crash with the dash cammer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9cZ91fqquM Video Credit: LookyLoo

VIDEO: Four Wheeler Can’t Figure Out What Blinky Red Light On Truck Means

This truck's indicator light is on and he's already started merging, but those clues don't seem to be enough to help this four wheeler...

VIDEO: Motorists Won’t Let Trucker In To Make Exit, So He Does This

After politely moving over to allow several cars to merge, those same cars refuse to return the favor, so the truck driver forces his...

VIDEO: Motorist Who Can’t Merge Crashes Into Truck

This four-wheeler's merge attempt does not go as well as planned. Video Credit: Brad S

VIDEO: Stubborn Driver’s Merge Fail Causes Crash

In this video, the dash cammer blames a female motorist for refusing to let him merge, leading to a crash on a Denver highway. The...

VIDEO: Driver Pulls Onto Highway Without Looking

A driver who was pulled over on the breakdown lane (Australia) gets back onto the highway and almost takes out an oncoming car.

VIDEO: Truck Runs Truck Out of Lane

A truck driver realizes his lane is about to end so he abruptly gets into the middle lane and directly into the path of an oncoming truck. The oncoming truck is forced to get into the hammer lane. Language Warning.

Video: Truck Sideswiped By Merging Driver

A merging driver sideswipes a truck.

VIDEO: Bad Merger

A truck needs to take an exit and doesn't see a pickup in the in his blind spot.

Video: Bad Merger Hits Truck

A car in Australia is coming off an off-ramp. The car driver loses control and hits a truck. Do you use a dash camera? Share your videos with us!

VIDEO: DB Zooms Into Truck’s Space

A nice driver makes space for a truck to get over, and then a jerk zooms in the open space.

VIDEO: Truck Driver Dashcam Left Lane Ends

What's your biggest driving pet peeve?

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